HSINDA antibacterial powder coating

Mar 11, 2020

HSINDA antibacterial powder coating


HSINDA antibacterial powder coating


As the epidemic continues to expand, according to relevant research results, the new coronavirus can survive on metal surfaces such as door handles for about 2 days.

In order to prevent patients from being infected by other harmful bacteria during the rehabilitation process, it is very necessary to carry out antibacterial protection of the hospital facilities and facilities to provide an extra layer of protection for people's health. How to protect? Black technology in powder coating industry-antibacterial powder coatings have methods:

The antibacterial powder coating is developed by adding a certain amount of antibacterial material to the powder coating. The coating has antibacterial properties and can kill or inhibit bacteria attached to the coating.



1. Resistance and killing of bacteria living in the living environment;
2. Not a temporary effect, but the effect of weeks to years;
3. Maintain a clean microbiological environment for a long time;


Application areas:


HSINDA antibacterial powder coating is currently mainly used in nurses' desks, treatment cabinets, nursing carts, hospital furniture, medical furniture, medical furniture, medical guidance desks, pharmacy medicine cabinets, medicine cabinets and related hardware accessories, door handles in major hospitals. Metal surface, used to inhibit the survival of germs in direct contact with people.


Recommended solution:

For indoor medical equipment and facilities: HSINDA 900 series antibacterial products are recommended.
Application in medical building equipment and facilities: HSINDA 900 antibacterial products are recommended.

Please refer to the product manual for specific construction guidelines and application substrates.


HSINDA antibacterial powder coating


HSINDA antibacterial powder coating



The new coronavirus became a black swan released in 2020, and its emergence made the whole country talk about the epidemic and fight against it.

In any case, we always firmly believe that: Every time we experience difficulties, we will be strong once, and every time we experience difficulties, we will grow once!


HSINDA always here!




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